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The Women of Cumberlandto theirConfederate DeadMay 20, 1861 - May 10, 1902 They died in defence of theirRights For they should fall the tearsof a nation's grief. Lord God of Hosts be with us yet,Lest we forget; lest we forget. [Inscrip…
This area is where most woodworking operations took place. It was also known as the carpenter's shop. Wagon and gun carriage wheels, as well as other wooden parts, were made here.
The lighter brick in this pad outlines the foundations of two shops, the smiths and the forging and casting. These shops were built simultaneously between 1839 and 1842. During Confederate occupation, these shops, along with the engine house, were…
The engine house received its first engine in 1859 and served as the power source for the smith and gun carriage shops.
This was the last of the four arsenal towers to be built. In the original plans, this tower was to be the guard and prison rooms.
The northwest tower (1) was the first of the arsenal's four towers to be built (1839-1840) and initially served as the facility's temporary office. The three-story octagonal towers protruded beyond the corners of the main compound and were a defen…
Crises cause us to act. The crisis created by the United States' military unpreparedness during the War of 1812 resulted in the planning and building of additional arsenals for the nation's defense. Congress appropriated monies in 1836 for an "ars…
North Carolina's Civil War stories are as diverse as its landscape. The Outer Banks and coastal rivers saw action early in the war, as Union forces occupied the region. Stories abound of naval battles, blockade running, Federal raids, and the Conf…
[Preface at top left]The Carolinas Campaign began on February 1, 1865, when Union Gen. William T. Sherman led his army north from Savannah, Georgia, after the "March to the Sea." Sherman's objective was to join Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in Virginia to…
Secretary of United States Navy, 1853-57. Helped found State Hospital for Insane. Home one block north.