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"Pentecostal Apostle of the South." Inspired by Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles in 1906, he led revival ? mi. S.W.
On this field March 15-16 1865 men of South Carolina stood with men of other Southern States and fought bloodily and bravely for their beliefs and way of life. In doing so they wrote their names in imperishable letters in the book of glory.
(Preface):The Carolinas Campaign began on February 1, 1865, when Union Gen. William T. Sherman led his army north from Savannah, Georgia, after the March to the Sea. Sherman's objective was to join Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in Virginia to crush Gen. R…
North Carolina's Civil War stories are as diverse as its landscape. The Outer Banks and coastal rivers saw action early in the war, as Union forces occupied the region. Stories abound of naval battles, blockade running, Federal raids, and the Conf…
Plantation home of John Smith, used as Confederate hospital during the Battle of Averasboro, March 16, 1865.
Late in 1864, two large Union armies, one in Virginia and the other in Georgia, were beginning to squeeze the Confederacy to defeat. Grant held Lee's Army of Northern Virginia immobile at Petersburg, while Sherman, with 60,000 men, captured Atlant…
BattleofAverasboroMarch 16,1865———————- [ Right of Monument: ]Inmemoryof ourConfederateDeadwho fell uponthat day.———————— [ Back of Monument: ]The hear…
Named for George and Hardy Draughon, brothers who came from Edgecombe County about 1795, and purchased land joining both roads. George lived near this spot. Later he moved to 9/10 mile beyond Beamon's Cross Roads, Hwy. No. 421, died and was buried…
This house and adjacent farmland were the property of Fran?ois Baby (1763-1856), first member for Kent in the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada (1792-96), militia officer and Assistant Quarter Master General during the War of 1812. When the Ame…
On July 4, 1812, Brigadier-General William Hull, commander of the North Western Army of the United States, landed with about 2,000 men near this site. He issued a proclamation stating that he came here to liberate Canada from oppression. The Briti…