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Erected on or near this site between 1785-1790 a larger and better frame house of worship replced the old log meeting house. Used for a time as a session house.
On Dec. 18, 1933, work began on the J.L. Berry Gully, 1.5 miles S.E. as part of the South Tyger River Erosion Control Demonstration Project by the USDI Soil Erosion Service, Dr. T.S. Bule, Project Director. This project was a forerunner of the USD…
In 1765 Narareth's first meeting house was built on this site. Made of logs cut from surrounding forest, pulpit of clapboard, seats of crude wooden plank, without backs and dirt floor.
This Presbyterian Church, located about .4 miles SE, was organized soon after 1766 by Scotch-Irish who settled the area. From Revolutionary War days the congregation has been influential in religious, educational, and civic affairs of Spartanburg …