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Wragg Square Dedicated To the Use Of The People Of Charleston SC In The Division Of The Estate Of John Wragg 1801
This two and a half story house was built circa 1856 by Stephen S. Lloyd. Constructed in the form of a Charleston single house, the basement level is brick, laid in American bond. The upper stories are of wood with Greek Revival and Italianate d…
Celebrating over 130 years of providing a safe place for community residents to gather, play and learn. What is now the Cannon Street Y was organized under the leadership of Harry W. Thomas in 1866. It was established using the name Charleston…
This gallant aircraft served with the 12th tactical fighter wing stationed at Cam Ranh Bay Air Base, South Vietnam. In the 1968-69 time frame it was assigned to Captain E.G. Shuler, Jr. (now Major General), Citadel Class of 1959 and First Lieutena…
This M4 Sherman Tank is similar to that used by Lieutenant Colonel Creighton W. Abrams, in World War II while commanding the 37th Tank Battalion - 4th Armored Division - Patton's Third Army. General Abrams was Army Chief of Staff from 12 Oct 1972 …
This flag flies every day and nightas a tribute to those great Americanswho are Prisoners of War or Missing in Actionandto remind each member of theSouth Carolina Corps of Cadetsof the sacrifices made by Citadel alumnias well as all American servi…
? ? ? This monument honors sailors and marines who served aboard the U.S.S. Coral Sea in combat and Citadel men who served in the Navy and Marine Corps. ? ? ? The vessel was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation and nine Battle Stars for operati…
In memory ofMajor Sam M. Savas, Jr., CE, USACitadel 1951Died in Vietnam, 1965 In memory ofLt. Sam M. Savas, III, USNNaval AviatorCitadel 1979Died in the service of his country October, 1985
Remnant, of Horn Work. May 1780 Siege of Charleston
Cigar FactoryThis five-story commercial building, built in 1882 as a textile mill, was known as the Charleston Manufacturing Company, then Charleston Cotton Mills, in its early years. Leased to the American Tobacco Company in 1903, the plant was s…