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This site and the one directly in front, Mineral Spring Park, which was donated by West Allen Williams in 1842, formed the nucleus for the new Town of Mineral Springs. In 1852, the town received its charter and the name was changed to Williamston …
Somerset County, PA • New York, NY • Washington, D.C.Through blurred eyes we find the strength and courage to soar beyond the moment.We look to the future knowing we can never forget the past.God Bless America
"Embraced by the gratitude of an entire community and held in the love and admiration of a descended family, here rests the earthen tabernacles of our beloved founder, West Allen Williams, and family. Reverently moved from a forgotten cemetery a f…
Sacred to the memory ofthe Confederate DeadGist RiflesCompany DHampton LegionGary's BrigadeInfantrySouth Carolina VolunteersA.N.V. C.S.A.1861-1865 Organized inWilliamston Spring Park
In Memory ofWest Allen Williams1804 - 1857Founded WilliamstonDonor of Spring&Park——-He saidThis Water Shall by ForeverFree to All People
A South Carolina "Spa"In 1852, following the discovery of a "healing" spring and the announcement that the railroad was going to be running through the area, the Town of Williamston was chartered. In time, lots were sold for houses to be built, st…
One of the oldest congregations and the mother of several others in Anderson County, it was organized in 1788 by Elder Moses Holland who served as pastor for 41 years. Dr. James Bruton Gambrell's mother was a member here. Soldiers of five wars lie…
This college was founded Feb. 12, 1872, by the Reverend Samuel Lander, D.D., Methodist minister. On this site stood the college building until 1939. The school was removed to Greenwood, S.C., Sept. 27, 1904, becoming Lander College, in honor of th…
On May 1, 1865, cadets from the Arsenal Academy at Columbia, under Capt. John Peyre Thomas, who were en route from Greenville to Newberry to be disbanded, met a band of Stoneman's raiders near here in one of the last engagements of the war, which …