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[front text] One of the first schools for blacks in the South, Penn School, was reorganized as Penn Normal, Industrial and Agricultural School in 1901. As a result of this change, incorporating principals of education found at both Tuskegee and Ha…
To St. Helena's Church, Beaufort, S.C. Built about 1740. Made a separate church after the revolution. Burned by forest fire Feb. 22, 1886.
The Hunting Island Lighthouse guidedmariners along the stretch of the SouthCarolina coast for many years. The firstlighthouse, constructed of brick andcompleted in 1859, was demolished byConfederate troops during the early daysof the Civil War. Th…
In Honor Of Edith M. Dabbsfor her work and leadership in preservinghistoric documents and photographs of PennSchool and for her contributions as author ofFace of an Island and Sea Island Diaryand James McBride Dabbsfor his dedicated service as tru…
( Front text )On the night of August 27, 1893, ahuge "tropical cyclone," the largestand most powerful storm to hit S.C.until Hurricane Hugo in 1989, madelandfall just E of Savannah, Ga.With gusts as high as 120 mph and astorm surge as 12 ft., the …