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The church, built 1842; campground and tabernacle, 1888; and cemetery, begun in 1850, were listed in the National Register of Historic Places September 9, 1988. The Methodist organization was founded on this site by Stephen Ellis about 1845 in a c…
Author of "A Circuit Rider Wife" and many other books and articles, lived from 1913 until her death in 1935.The most productive years of her career were spent in a picturesque log cabin, which, according to legend, was once the home of a Cherokee …
Pine Log Town, located on Pine Log Creek in the flat fields slightly over a half mile east of Oak Hill Church north of GA 140, (in Pine Log, Georgia), extended almost a mile along the creek. The lots were 293, 294, 295,296, 317, 318, 284,and 283, …