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Shipmates on Eternal Patrol in USS Scorpion (SS-278). Lost February 1sty, 1944 East China Sea James S. Alexander, EM@/Charles W. Appleton, SC3/Lorren L. Bausman, SC1/ Hollis F. Bell, S1/Robert T. Brown, LTjg/Rufus H. Bynum, QM1/ Robert J. Chamb…
West Side This state park is named in memory of Robert T. Brown, Lt. J.G., U.S.N.R. Born January 11, 1920. Son of Congressman and Mrs. Paul Brown of Elberton, Georgia. North Side Lt. J.G. Bobby Brown missing in action February 22, 1944. Kille…
[Column - East/West Inscription]:ElbertonGraniteBicentennialMemorialFountain***CommemoratingThe200thAnniversaryofAmericanIndependence***1776 — 1976[Column - North/South Inscription]:ErectedDuring1976As AGifttoElbertonandAlbert CountybyMember…
In Memory of AllElbert Countian's WhoGave Their Lives in theService of Their Country
In the year 1803, James Alston,Beckham Dye, Dr. John T. Gilmer,Reuben Lindsay and MiddletonWoods, were the firstcommissioners appointed torule the Town of Elberton.
[Front]:I was that which others did not want to be.I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do.I asked nothing from those who gave nothing, and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness...should I fail.I have se…
Honoring the Sacrificeand Valor of ElbertCounty Men WhoServed DuringThe World Warin Defenseof TheirCountry1917-1918
Off this road lies the site of Heardmont, home of Governor Stephen Heard, 1740 - 1815 and "God's Acre," the family cemetery where he lies buried. A ten acre park surrounding the site is owned and maintained by the Stephen Heard Chapter, D.A.R. A V…
Rev. Daniel Tucker owned a large plantation on the Savannah River and is buried near his old homesite, "Point Lookout," six miles from here. Born in Virginia, February 14, 1744, Daniel Tucker came here to take up a land grant. A revolutionary sold…
In the late 1770's, a large caravan of Virginians, including a Methodist preacher, traveling south in search of a new home, settled in this neighborhood. In the company were the Adams, Alexander, Banks, Cunningham, Fleming, Anderson, Gaines, Johns…