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This cemetery was the family burying ground on Good Hope Plantation granted in part by King George III to John Twiggs Brigadier General in the Revolutionary Army afterward Major General of Militia
In the cemetery about 300 yards from here are buried Major-General John Twiggs, a hero of the American Revolution, for whom Twiggs County is named, and his son, Major-General David Emanuel Twiggs, who achieved military distinction in the Mexican W…
Masonic Emblem In this family cemetery rest the remains of William Schley, Governor and Grand Master of Georgia. Brother Schley was born in Frederick, Maryland December 10, 1786 and acquired his education in the academies at Louisville and August…
In July 1800, this church was organized in a canebrake on Spirit Creek by slaves on the Twiggs plantation. The Reverend J.W. Sutton served as the first pastor. In July 1868, the church purchased 14 and 1/2 acres here on Butler Creek and moved to t…