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[Front Side]:This monumenterected by theState ofWisconsin— in —grateful remembranceto her sonswho suffered and died- in -Andersonville PrisonMarch 1864-April 1865[Front Lower Right Side]:D. G. James, Pres.Richland Center, Wis6th Wis. I…
[Front side of Monument];In memory of her Union soldiers and loyal sons who died in Confederate prisons during the War of 1861-65.—————"We who live may for ourselves forget but not for those who died here." (1284 died…
[Front/West Plaque]:Our Honored DeadPvt. Charles N. Allen, Co. D, 1st Reg. Cav.Sgt. John H. Austin, Co. H, 1st Reg. Cav.Pvt. Frederick Bane, Co. A, 5th Reg. Art.Pvt. John W. Bidmead, Co. G, 1st Reg. Cav.Pvt. James Burke, Co. C, 1st Reg. Cav.Pvt. J…
(Front):To her 1055 loyal sonswho diedhere in Camp Sumterfrom March 1864to April 1865this monument isdedicated.(Back): Death before Dishonor
In MemoriumErectedby the State ofMichiganto herSoldiersandSailorswho were imprisonedon these grounds.1861-1865.
[Front Side]:Death Before DishonorErectedby the Commonwealthin memory ofher sons who diedin Andersonville1864-1865[Back Side]:Known Dead767.Resolves 1900Chapter 77Approved May 28,W. Murray, CraneGovernor CommissionCharles C. DavisThaddeus H. Ne…
In Commemoration of the Untiring Devotion of Clara Barton————She organized and administered efficient measures for the relief of our soldiers in the field, and aided in the great work of preserving the names of more than tw…