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On this site stood the phosphate mining town of Pierce. It was one of many company-owned mining towns and villages that once populated Polk County. Pierce was started in April 1906 by the Pierce Phosphate Company. This company was acquired in Octo…
In memoriumtoCecil B. Strange An outstanding citizen who served his community with earnest endeavor and diligent work for community beautification, industrial reclamation and national conservation. Respected and loved by his fellow men as a friend…
A memorial to the phosphate area war dead.
This marker commemorates the dedication of the Mulberry Time Capsule. The capsule was placed here on June 12, 1977 by the Greater Mulberry Chamber of Commerce. The capsule will be opened in the year 2076 to view the mememtoes of the 1976 Bicentenn…
This tree replaces the original hundred year old tree that was the "mail drop" for the Bone Valley area before the city of Mulberry, "The Phospate Center of the World" was incorporated in 1901.
Historical Citrus Planting March 14, 1959. Site of first experimental planting of citrus on reclaimed phosphate mining land. The project was originated and executed by William James Menear, land manager, Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corporation.