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This Laurel Oak Tree from Battle Fields of Virginia, 1861-65 Planted by Gov. Thomas G. Jones 1893
U. S. Congress 1923 - 1938U. S. Senate 1938-1969
The Alabama Legislature approved a bill sponsored by Rep. T.E. Martin of Montgomery County in 1927 that designated the Goldenrod the official state flower. It became law on Sept. 6, 1927, the same day that the Yellowhammer became the official stat…
The intensity of the war caused the desire for a new national flag that was in no way similar to the U.S. flag. The "Stainless Banner" was adopted by the Confederate Congress on May 1, 1863. The cross of St. Andrew, depicted on the flag, has been …
The "Stars and Bars," designed by Nicola Marshall of Marion, Alabama, was adopted by the flag selection committee of the Provisional Confederate Congress at Montgomery and raised over the capitol building on March 4, 1861. Its similarity to the U.…
1868-1869: Senate: Benjamin F. Royal, Bullock; House: Benjamin Alexander, Greene; James H. Alston, Macon; Samuel Blandon, Lee; John Carraway, Mobile; George Cox, Montgomery; Thomas H. Diggs, Barbour; Joseph Drawn, Dallas; Ovide Gregory, Mobile; Ja…
Confederate SoldierSurgeon and AuthorBornMarshall County, Ala. 1845DiedNew York City 1922Founder of theNew York PolyclinicMedical School and Hospital and of Graduate Medical andSurgical Teaching in America.
At this location the Alabama Highway Patrol was commissioned by Governor Bibb Graves Jan. 10, 1936
In grateful recognition of his valiant service and in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of his visit to our city
The Alabama State Capitol served as the symbol and meeting place for the government of the newly formed Confederate States of America for 4 months in early 1861. Growing controversy over slavery and states' rights, climaxed by Abraham Lincoln's el…