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Site of Headquarters Lieutenant General Daniel H. Hill, C.S.A. Commanding Corps Major General John M. Palmer, U.S.V. Commanding 14 Corps Army of the Cumberland (Marker Number MT-61B.)
A Point in the 2d Line of Works, Connecting Fort Jones with Fort Lytle. (Marker Number MT-62B.)
Text on the Plaque: The first central electric generating station in the south began operating on this site May 6, 1882. The Brush Electric Light Company of Chattanooga was formed by five Civil War veterans. They were: - Hiram S. Chamberlain…
Site of Crutchfield House, Used as Hospital, September 20, 1863. Accommodated 500 wounded that day.
This city was first occupied by Confederate troops in the spring of 1862 under Generals Floyd, Maxey and Leadbetter. Union troops under General Mitchell shelled it June 7 and 8. Bragg's Army occupied it in August preparing for the Kentucky campaig…
Chattanooga, a city of historical significance from the Civil War Battles through both World Wars, has seen many people travel through its valley. The popular Glenn Miller tune of the 1940's has forever made famous this railway station that is kno…
Battles were fought in and around Chattanooga primarily for control of the railroad network. By 1861, the city had become one of the South's most important rail hubs. The lines that crossed here connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Tennessee River …
It was on March 5, 1880, that the first passenger train leaving Cincinnati for Chattanooga was nicknamed the "Chattanooga Choo-Choo". This historical occasion opened the first major link in public transportation from the North to the South. The "…
The Union army's efforts to capture the strategic rail center of Chattanooga met with success here at Ross's Landing. Following a series of dramatic marches and feints, elements of General Rosecrans's army appeared on Stringer's Ridge across the r…
After the Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863, Union General William S. Rosecrans retreated to Federal-occupied Chattanooga, a strategically vital rail center, where Confederate General Braxton Bragg laid siege from Lookout Mountain and Missio…