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4 miles northwest. Established in 1823, it was first county seat of McNairy County; here was Purdy University from 1855 to 1861. Glover's Trace ran through it from Middle Tennessee to the Mississippi Country. The county seat was moved in 1890.
A group of approximately 660 Cherokees traveled through McNairy County in late fall of 1838. Also called Bell's Treaty Party, it was the only detachment to be accompanied by the military. Escorted by U.S. Army Lt. Edward Deas and Cherokee leader J…
On December 12, 1937, Buford Hayse Pusser was born in Finger, Tennessee. In 1962 he became Adamsville's chief of police. He was elected sherrif of McNairy County in 1864. Soon his courageous fight against crime exposed him to much danger and many …