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This Property Has Been Placed On The National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
To our Confederate Dead. Names listed on monument Wm. Franklin Wm. Cason James Goodwin Ike Griffin Jasper Holmes Wm. Hurt B.T. Tatum Franklin Rogers A. Rickey Abe Ware J.O. Gavin Sam Connor Joe Robbins J. Luttrell S. Tyler ____ Grace …
Noxubee County was formed on December 3, 1833. The first term of the county's circuit court was held in January 1834 in the south end of the Frith Hotel, a log cabin-style home owned by Joseph H. Frith. With Judge Thomas Sterling presiding and R.J…
In 1865 Macon became the last center of Mississippi's wartime government, following its evacuation from Jackson and Meridian. A house on this site became the executive residence of Governor Charles Clark.
West 15 miles is the site which gave name to last treaty with the Choctaws, Sept. 7, 1830, whereby the remaining tribal lands in the state were opened to white settlement.
The Calhoun Institute, a school for girls, was est. here in 1851 by W.R. Poindexter. From early 1864 until the end of the Civil War it was used for the state capitol. Now site of the Noxubee County High School.
Est. 1837. Enrolled into Tombecbee Presbytery, 1842. Site of original church at S.E. corner, block 7. Present site deeded to church 1889 by R.C. Patty; building erected 1890; burned 1941. Rebuilt 1947.
Front The roots of blues and gospel music run deep in the African American culture of the Black Prairie region. Among the performers born near Macon here in Noxubee County, Eddy Clearwater, Carey Bell, and Jesse Fortune went on to achieve renown …