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First Jain Temple in Central Ohio "Souls render service to one another" The Jain Center of Central Ohio was established on May 12, 1991. The foundation stone of the Jain temple, the first of its kind in Central Ohio, was laid down on O…
Marker Front:James Kilbourne andThe Columbus and Sandusky TurnpikeJames Kilbourne, an Ohio pioneer who led settlers to the Worthington area in 1803, was born in Connecticut in 1770 and died in Ohio in 1850. In 1805 he was appointed to a federal di…
A convoy of 3 ships and 3 Coast Guard cutters passed through "Torpedo Alley" some 100 miles off the coast of Greenland at about 1 a.m. on February 3, 1943. The submarine U-223 fired 3 torpedoes 1 of which hit the midsection of the Dorchester, a US…
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