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Kiser Lake named in honor of John w. Kiser and his mother Thyrza Kiser donors of this lake
In grateful remembrance of"Our Boys"who answered their Country's callin the World War Apr. 6. 1917-Nov. 11. 1918Saint Paris Johnson Twp.ReverseWhen the service flag has faded, and the hands that it caressed have been folded calm and peaceful on ea…
In memory of those who died for us in World War II:Niece, Robert · Richeson, Herman · Rush, Ralph M. · Cretors, Robert K. · Leasure, Karl · Mott, Garner · Peacock, Eldon D. To the memory of those who se…
Dedicated to the men and women of this community who helped preserve the freedom of all humanity for all ages to come. Killed in Action KoreaKermit E. JenkinsNelson A. Biddle Vietnam Philip L. GrieserWilliam M. Short
This company was known world wide for quality pony pleasure vehicles, 1881 - 1914
President Abraham Lincoln's assassination on April 14, 1865, created a national tragedy, and the nation mourned as his body was transported by rail from Washington D.C. back to Springfield, Illinois, where he would be buried. In Champaign County, …
Albert B. "A. B." Graham was born in Champaign County on March 13, 1868, the son of Joseph and Esther Graham. He was raised in a small rural home, but a fire destroyed the house in 1879, and the family moved to Lena where Graham attended local sch…