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During the 18th century ice cream was a rarity and considered a dish of the very wealthy. This was because ice was difficult to come by until the widespread use of "ice harvesting" and the insulated icehouse. Then the number of confectioners wh…
This grist mill erected by an early settler, Clarence McKnight, was one of the largest on the frontier. The entire mill was powered by an overshot water wheel. The existing 2,000 pound water wheel is 18 feet in diameter. Restoration began in 19…
Long time residence of S. Dwight and Ethel Jewett Donated to Utica Historical Society for use as a meeting place and museum by the family of Ned B. Hufford, Utica resident and businessman who died December 12, 1993 June, 1997
Victoria Claflin-Woodhull-MartinBorn in Homer in 1838, Victoria Claflin proved to be a woman with visions that exceeded her time. Victoria and her sister Tennessee, in 1870, became the first women stockbrokers in the country. Her opinions expresse…
Major General William Starke RosecransSoldier, engineer, and statesman, W.S. Rosecrans was born in Delaware County in 1819 and grew up in Homer. He graduated from West Point in 1842. During the Civil War, Rosecrans commanded the federal Army of t…