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GrenadierSquaw VillageNon-Hel-E-MaShawnee PrincessFriend of theWhite Man1750
The Underground RailroadThe Underground Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad, but a system of loosely connected safe havens where those escaping the brutal conditions of slavery were sheltered, fed, clothed, nursed, concealed, disguised…
In recogntion ofthe patriotism ofthe people ofPickaway Countywho oversubscribed theirWar Savings Quota in 1918this tablet isgratefully erected by theOhio War Savings Committee
To honor the memory ofour safety forces who have devoted their lives tothe communities of our great nationand who protect the citizens ofCircleville and Pickaway County On this first anniversary ofSeptember 11, 2001
In Memoriamto honor the many brave soldierswho served our country in time ofwar and rest here in eternal peace.To those that made the supremesacrifice whereby we can enjoyfreedom in our great country. Revolutionary War 1775-1783War of 1812 1812…
Erected in honor of the men and women who served Vietnam, Vietnam era and to those who paid the supreme sacrifice from Pickaway County. They answered duty's call when the torch of freedom flickered in the hands of a people who few understood. They…
Dedicated Dec. 29, 1891 We commemorate the 100th anniversary of this lasting monument, erected to honor our dead and living heroes, and perpetuate the memory of every soldier and sailor of Pickaway County. This building is entered in the Nat…
In memory ofour dead comrades1861 - 1865
The US Army adopted the Napoleon in 1857. During the Civil War, it demonstrated it's superiority over all smooth bore field guns. At Gettysburg, it made up 39% of the total field pieces. In overall effectiveness it had no peer.Dedicated, June 2004
Side A: Grenadier Squaw VillageThe Grenadier Squaw Village was located between this area and Scippo Creek, upon the Pickaway Plains, the primary Shawnee settlement in Ohio. Non-hel-e-ma, born circa 1722, was the sister of the Shawnee Cornstalk and…