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Spiegel Grove was purchased in 1845 by Rutherford B. Hayes's uncle Sardis Birehard. He named it for the reflecting pools of water which collect after a rainfall. "Spiegel" is the German word for mirror. Birehard completed the residenc…
Connecting the Forts of the Sandusky Valley in War of 1812.
In honor of Grover Cleveland 22nd President of the United States and President-Elect for the Term 1893 - 1897 and William McKinley Governor of Ohio 1892 - 1896. Later 24th President of the United States 1897 - 1901. Mourners at the Funeral of thei…
In memory of our soldiers, sailors and Marines, who gave their lives in the service of their country. World War 1917, Mexican Border 1916, China Relief Expedition 1900, Philippine Insurrection 1899, War with Spain 1898.
Rutherford B. HayesNineteenth President of theUnited States of AmericaHe serves his party bestwho serves his country best.Inaugural AddressMarch 5, 1877Donated by Monument Builders of Ohio
Northern EntranceOld Sandusky Scioto TrailLake Erie to Ohio River connectingthe St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakeswith the Ohio and Mississippi RiversThe Harrison Trail War of 1812Bird and Game Sanctuary
In honor ofMajor George Croghan   17th U.S. Infantrywho with 160 men and one cannon"Old Betsy" defended Fort Stephensonagainst 700 British under Proctorand 2000 Indians under TecumsehAugust 1st and 2nd 1813
In honor of- Captain Samuel Thomson, -wounded at Lundy's Lane, Canadain the second war with Great Britain,and the soldiers of Sandusky Countyin the War with Mexico, 1846-1848.
In honor of Maj. Gen'l. James B. McPherson,the highest in rank and commandkilled during the war and theveterans of Sandusky County in theWar for the Union, 1861-1865.
The gold deposit found in 1902 north of present-day Fairbanks proved to be the richest in Alaska. Prospector Felix Pedro and trader E.T. Barnette played key roles in the discovery and initial rush. A second strike made the following summer catapul…