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The earliest North American mechanism used to open miter gates on steamboat locks were muscle powered, geared winches (windlass, crabs), which quickly replaced balance beams when lock widths exceeded about 25 feet. This 3,360 pound windlass miracu…
McConnelsville and Malta are two towns that prospered because of the locks and dams built on the Muskingum River from 1836 to 1841. Settlers came to both towns in 1817. In the 1820s and 1830s, flatboats carried grain, lumber, and livestock down th…
Named in honor of Ronald V. Crews, Mine General Superintendent of Central Ohio Coal Company, whose knowledge, dedication and friendship meant so much to so many.Dedicated July 1972 Rededicated 2001"To Honor All The Miners"-R. V. Crews Family
In the early 1960s, increased production was needed to meet rising demand for coal by Muskingum River Power Plant. The increased mining capability was achieved with Big Muskie, a Bucyrus-Erie 4250-W dragline. Huge by any standards, the 4250-W was …
Side A:Agriculture dominated the economy of southeastern Ohio's Morgan County until the 1940s when harvests dwindled, the population declined, and land values dropped. Surface mining the area's rich underground coal deposits replaced agriculture a…
Dedicated in memory of all deceased members of the M & M Fire Dept.
In honor ofJudge Carlos M. Riecker1897-1990 Through his benevolence, Morgan Countians have a greater appreciation for learning, for government, for history and for service to community.
Dedicated to all men and womenwounded in all our wars.Military Order of the Purple Heart, 1782/1932. "My stone is red forthe blood they shed.The medal I bearis my country's wayto show they care.If I could be seenby all mankindmaybe peace willco…
For those who served in the Persian Gulf War.[Marker Reverse]:Dedicated to all men and women of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm with honor and glory for those who bravely served to keep our country a land of freedom "My confidence in you i…
1917-1918 In commemoration of the boys who served their country so faithfully and well in the World War.