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Lest we forget their generationHonoring the men and womenwho have servedBut let us be glad thatsuch heroes have livedand mourn those who gavethe ultimate sacrifice "Battle of the Bulge"800,000 soldiers fought, 12,000 were killed62,000 were …
Honoring Middletown's Veteranswho gave their livesin the nation's wars Dedicated June 14, 1995
Verity Pkw. once Miami-Erie Canalan Underground Railroad route1830 - 1860 Those traveling along UndergroundRailroad found safe stationsin N. Main St. homes ofAfrican-Americanslisted on other side Rice · Hawkins · ColstonBurget …
About 20,000 years ago this pink granite boulder was brought from Canada by the Wisconsin Glacier and deposited near here, along the Great Miami River.
In c1795 Bambo Harris a freed black slave built and operated the first Water Driven gristmill in the area on Elk Creek. For fifty years his Millstones ground wheat and corn. A member of the Prairie Baptist Church, he was highly respected in the co…
The village of Miltonville, located along the banks of Elk Creek, was platted in 1816 by George Bennett, Theophilus Eaglesfield, and Richard V. V. Crane. The creek served two grist mills, one built around 1804 and operated by a free black, Bambo H…