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Gazebo HistoryThe Band Stand (Gazebo) was built in 1875 on the Court House lawn. It was moved in 1891 to Third Ward Park by George Marsh, and then to the County Fair Grounds in the early 1900's. The Trustees moved it to its current location in Jun…
Here stands the first county library in the United States. Given to the people of Van Wert County, byJohn Sanford BrumbackIn recognition of his gift, this memorial was erected by the Kiwanis Club of Van Wert.
In memory ofCo. D - 2nd OhioVolunteer InfantryUnitedSpanish WarVeterans1898-1899
In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes, 1861-1865.
When local banker and businessman John Sanford Brumback left a large bequest to Van Wert County for the purpose of establishing a countywide library in 1897, such institutions did not yet exist, and Ohio had no legal provision for a tax-supported …
Built in 1894 at a cost of $575, this bridge spanned Town Creek at Hoghe Road (Township Road 82) for 100 years. The Van Wert County Commissioners approved the bridge's construction in response to requests from the Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw Ra…