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The famous Indian Reserve Line of 1809 which began at the mouth of Big Raccoon Creek and ended on the Ohio boundary crossed this point.
Rockville Cemetery established 1824 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana's Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2012 Indiana Historical Bureau and Town of Rockville
Gov. Jos. A. Wright 1810 — 1867 Atty. In Rockville 1829 - 1849 Gov. Of Indiana 1949 - 1857 Minister of U.S.A. to Prussia Parke Co. Historical Society
This building, erected in 1832, replaced an 1824 log structure and served as jail and sheriff's residence until ca. 1879. A scaffold erected just east of the jail was the scene of the last hanging in Parke County.
Front In memory of the heritage of John & Ann (Sneath) Batty ——————————— Immigrants of England 1844 Nyesville — Circa 1866 ——————&mdas…
Site of Shiloh Presbyterian Church Organized on Thursday Dec. 17, 1822 First Church Built in Parke Co. Ind.
The State Sanatorium Covered Bridge is a single-span Kingpost Truss Burr Arch structure with a span length of 154 feet. It was constructed in 1913 by Joseph A. Britton. The bridge is listed on both the National Register of Historic Places and the …
Front Birthplace of Mordecai Brown Born in this Mining Community of Nyesville, Indiana. The first Indiana player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame His 14 year Major League career Boast the following Records: Total Games &mdash…
Side One Popular columnist writing as "The Country Contributor," Strauss (1863-1918) idealized simple rural life and traditional roles for women in a time of national shifts in class and gender relations. Began writing for hometown newspaper, R…
Erected in Honor of Parke County Veterans