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Side AIn April 1812, as the United States prepared for a possible war with Great Britain, Michigan Territorial Governor William Hull, became the commander of the Army of the Northwest. His first task was to lead his army from Dayton, Ohio, to Detr…
[First Tablet, Lower Tablet Facing East]: War of 1812 MemorialDedicated on Aug. 5, 2006 Original monument was dedicatedIn 1908 at W. Jefferson Ave.Near Gibraltar Road by Dr. Hal C. Wyman Moved in 1958-1959 toParsons School in Gibraltar by…
In this vicinity on Aug. 5, 1812, six weeks after the outbreak of war, an Indian force, led by the famous Shawnee chief, Tecumseh, ambushed about 200 Americans under Major Thomas Van Horne who were on the way south to the River Raisin. There, supp…