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[Title is text] City of Kenosha Landmark #22
Birthplace ofOrson WellesActor and DirectorMay 6, 1915 - Oct. 10, 1985
For God and CountryDedicatedin grateful tribute tothose who served in theArmed Forces of theUnited States "Greater love hathno man than this.That a man laydown his lifefor his friends"John 15:13 Duties are oursEvents are God's May 30, 1955
In honor of the braveSoldiers and Sailorswho fought to save the Unionin the Rebellion1861 to 1865.
In memory ofJohn Bullenwho located Kenosha June 12, 1835and was one of its founders
On Feb. 24, 1845, as Territorial Legislator, he secured enactment of law authorizing free public education in Southport only. As a result first free school in the Union outside of New England opened in Southport, now Kenosha, June 18, 1845. This s…
(Side A)Born April 1757 in Stratford, CT, Abner Barlow moved to NH in 1772. At 20, Barlow enlisted as private in the NH Rangers, serving in Maj. Whitcomb's Independent Corps at the Battle of Bennington and the surrender of Burgoyne, Saratoga, NY. …
Kemper Hall, boarding school for girls, dates to 1855 when St. Matthew's Episcopal Church and some dedicated Kenosha citizens signed a charter launching the Kenosha Female Seminary. In 1865, the school moved to this site, the home of U.S. Senator …
John McCaffary was hanged in Kenosha on August 21, 1851, for the murder of his wife and buried here in an unmarked grave. Public outrage over his execution resulted in legislation that abolished the death penalty in Wisconsin on July 12, 1853.
Deming was born in Vermont in 1789 and came to the Village of Southport, later renamed Kenosha, in 1836. Deming was a Methodist preacher and a staunch supporter of the anti-slavery movement. For Methodists, slavery was considered the worst of soci…