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The "New Deal"During the Great Depression of the early 1930's, more than 25 percent of the nations' workforce was unemployed. One of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs was the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The WPA employed 8.5…
Dedicatedto the memory of allUnited States War VeteransJune 25, 1939Dedicatory CommitteeUnited Spanish War VeteransVeterans of Foreign WarsAmerican Legion
Here at Mendota (where the rivers meet) missionaries ministered to both Indians and settlers, enduring the hardships of a sprawling wilderness that was the Minnesota country. In 1842, Father Lucien Galtier built a small, log chapel with only two w…
[symbol of the Daughters of the American Revolution] MendotaIn the language of the Sioux means the mouth of a river. Was the earliestpermanent white settlement in southern Minnesota. A pioneer center of the fur trade. Nearhere were signed treat…
1851 · 1922[symbol of the D.A.R.]To Commemorate The Treaty at MendotaNegotiated onPilot KnobWhereby the Sioux Indians ceded their lands in the Territory of Minnesota and State of Iowa to the United States Government.Placed byMendota Chapt…