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Presented ByGrand Army Of The RepublicJ.P. Plattenberger, Commander (Plaque has the text of the Gettysburg Address on it.) "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and d…
Savanna Public Library
In Grateful Tribute To The Men And Women Who Served Our Country To Protect The Cause Of All Freedoms
In Affectionate Memory Of The Sons & Daughters Who Served Our Community In World War II Roll of Honor
[Ordnance Corps U.S.A. insignia] The area that encompasses Savanna Army Depot was acquired in 1917 when the United States Congress authorized the commanding officer of Rock Island Arsenal to purchase certain lands for the test of field artiller…
Helen Scott Hay, famous Red Cross nurse, was born near Lanark in this county. She was a graduate of Savanna High School, Northwestern University in Evanston, and the Illinois Training School for Nurses in Chicago, where she was later Superintenden…
On this ground stood the Indian wigwam occupied by Aaron Pierce and his wife, Harriet Bellows Pierce, and their four children, November 4, 1828, first white settlers of Savanna. Erected in honor of his mother, Sila Pierce Bowen, by Frank Pierce…
Steamboats once navigated to this point, where Plum River Falls powered saw, powder, grist, and flour mills at various times between 1836 and 1885. Near here the Rock Island Military and Prophetstown Trails to Galena were intersected as early as t…