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In memory ofour missing heroes1861 - - 1866
Etched in Stone In memory of those men and women of Livingston County who served inWorld War II1941 - 1945 Bronze Marker 1941 - 1945To the eternal memory of the menof Livingston CountyGlobal WarFreedoms - Liberty - American Way Row One…
1917 - 1919In memoryof the soldiers sailors and nursesof Livingston County who made thesupreme sacrifice during the World War Row One George E. Personette · William Durre · Burt McCoy · Victor V. Vahldieck · Char…
On boulderIn Honor of ourDesert Storm Veterans 1990 ? ? ? 1991 Dedication Plaque May 17, 1992 - - a special dedication,memories - - sweet n' bitter recollections. August 1990, U.S. troops deployed to a foreign land,Saudia Arabia - - a …
The Oldest Brick Homein Pontiac, Illinois A restoration project of theLivingston County Historical Society The Jones Houseis listed on theNational Registerof Historic Places
Center section In honor of the men and women of Livingston County,whose dedication and service to their country willnever be forgotten. (Seals - Branches of the United States Military) Left sectionKorea1950 — 1953 Right sectionVi…
In Memory of AllSoldiers and Sailorsof Livingston County
Pontiac organizer of the conspiracy which bears his name, was born on the Maumee River in what is now Ohio, in 1720. As Chief, he led the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians at Braddocks defeat July 9, 1755. When France surrendered Canada to the English, …
Left Section When word of President Lincoln's assassination came, most of Pontiac's male population had not yet returned from the Civil War. But their wives and children remained, and when word was received that the special train bearing his body …
Top Section Photo Lincoln's good friend Jesse Fell had more to do with shaping early events in Livingston County and Pontiac than any other man. He named the county and, in 1837, was instrumental in having the county seat located here. He name…