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Lincoln attended court in the building that stood on this spot from 1841 until elected President. He was involved in more than 200 legal procedures in Vermilion County.
Mourn for? ? ? ? ? ? ? Fight for ? the Dead? ? ? ? ? ? ? the Living Remember Vermilion County Workers Killed on the JobLeft Column of Names David Farnsworth - Danville PBPA · Charles Deck - UAW # 579 · David Clayburn - UAW # 57…
Since before the founding of our Republic and throughout our history, American women have fought for freedom selflessly and with little or no recognition for their contributions.
Front Whereas: it is the desire of the City of Danville to erect some permanent structure as a Monument and Memorial to the Gallant Soldiers and Sailors of Danville who participated in the World's War of 1914 and 1918 , and Whereas: the bridge…
At noon on February 11, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln's inaugural train stopped at the Great Western Depot located here. It was the day before his 52nd birthday. He had been coming to Vermilion County for twenty years to attend Circuit Court in …
(Left marker): These building stones were preserved from the Danville Law Office of Abraham Lincoln and the Vermilion County Courthouse where he practiced law. This kettle was used from 1824 to 1831 at the Salt Works of Major Vance. The site of…
From Gilbert's Mill on North Fork River in Ellsworth Park, Danville's first mill
Abraham Lincoln delivered an impromptu address from the balcony of this house while a guest here in 1858