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Frisco Freight/Passenger Depot. Circa 1876. was listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service July 10, 2017. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscri…
Green Elm School was a one-room school house built in the 1870's in southeast Kansas. It was located in the southwest corner of Crawford County, seven miles north and one mile west of McCune, Kansas. The school held classes 1872-1955 and employed …
H.R. Browns Grocery was one of the last neighborhood grocery stores in Pittsburg, Kansas. By 1912, there were seventy-nine retail grocery stores in Pittsburg. Their strength was in their relative convenience for their customers. Regular customers …
ThisMark of Commendationis awarded toKansas StateTeachers CollegeFor effective co-operationin training Naval personnelduring World War II Navy V-12 Unit James ForrestalSecretary of the Navy
Locomotive 488 was built July 1906, in Pittsburgh, Pa. In 1925, it underwent major changes in Pittsburg, Ks. and changed to Locomotive 1023. Track was laid and locomotive was installed in Schlanger Park on September 17, 1955, after the city had pu…
To the Glory of Godandin honor ofmembers of theFirst Christian Churchwho served their countryin time of need
In Memory of the Fallen
Built for the enjoyment of allthe citizens of PittsburgDedicated on June 8th 1999. Dr. Paul Bannon Leffler practiced medicine in Pittsburg from 1945 to 1977.He lived the Rotary Motto"Service Above Self"
This tablet marks theintersection of theOld Military Road of 1837with presentState Highway Number 57
With the vision of universal freedomfor all mankindthis tree is dedicated toCol. William H. Nelsonand allPrisoners of WarandMissing in Action