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Gas escaping under pressure from storage facilities 4 miles away traveled underground and emerged through the open well inside the building. The gas ignited, producing a large explosion and initiating the Hutchinson Gas Crisis on January 17, 2001.…
Buildings that once stood here were constructed in 1909 as the Coliseum Hotel and Saltwater Natatorium. The Coliseum Hotel was designed on a European plan offering 75 guest rooms, commodious dining room, library and a fine gymnasium and the only s…
The First National Bank of Hutchinson, Hutchinson's first bank, has been located on the corner of Sherman and Main since 1876, when the first building was purchased from C.C. Hutchinson. In 1911 on Lot 1, architect Daniel Burnham designed Hutchins…
A man must rise above the Earth to the top of the atmosphere and beyond, and only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.Socrates (circa 399 BC) On December 13, 1972, at 11:40:56 p.m. (CST), Apollo 17 Commander Eugene A. Cern…
This rare two-story auto facility housed the Hutchinson Auto and Tractor School in the 1920's. WWII sailors danced at the Oak Leaf Ballroom on the 2nd floor.
Built on the site of Colee's Harness Shop, The Hutchinson Gazette occupied this building in 1919. It later became the Hutchinson Implement Co., then McKenzie's Body Shop.
Built on the site of E.L. Johnson's horseshoeing business, the American Hotel was in operation until it became the Anchor Inn in 1975
This building housed the Hess Feed Store in 1919; by 1933 it is Dillon Mercantile. In 1951 it became B & Main Restaurant
This store, which has housed a grocery store, shoe repair, pawn shop and loan office is one of the oldest frame structures in Hutchinson.
O'Brian sold his medicinal oil from this site. Later, for many years, the building was used as a billiards parlor.