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This gazebo is dedicated to thememory of theGood Samaritan Air Crew.On December 20, 1985, they gavetheir lives attempting to save others. Nancy BrandonJoan BrownCraig Budden
This garden was planted in memory of Dr. Paul Ambrose who died on American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11, 2001. "Paul dedicated his career to changing the health care system with an emphasis on physician leadership and prevention. Paul was…
This propertyhas been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the InteriorDestroyed by fireRebuilt 1940 asFort Theatre
Long before early French explorers named it the Platte River, or "flat waters," this heartland oasis was a crossroads. Migratory birds, abundant wildlife and Native Americans had been in residence for centuries when the confluence of the Oregon an…
andBauer Sundries & Veterinary SuppliesJanuary 1959 - October 1969Proprietor, Frances R. BauerHome of Kearney's last soda fountain In honor ofGeorge J. and Frances R. Bauerfor their civic mindedness and years ofdedication to the Old Town busine…
The first stone erectedin Nebraska to mark theOld Oregon Trail1811 - 1869Dedicated byFort Kearney ChapterDaughter of theAmerican RevolutionKearney NebraskaFebruary 14, 1910.
The trail which followed the south side of the Platte River was the main route to Oregon and California. Fur traders going to the Rocky Mountains took the first wagons over the trail in 1830. Oregon-bound missionaries followed in the mid-1830s, an…
Erected by the City of Kearney, 1910. In honor of the Defenders of our Country, 1861-1865 and 1898-1900.
The growth of overland emigration to Oregon after 1842 resulted in the establishment of military posts across the West to protect travelers. The first post, Fort Kearny, was established in the spring of 1848 "near the head of the Grand Island" alo…