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German immigrants, led by Karl D'Arensbourg, joined other Germans from John Law's Arkansas concession to settle here in 1722. Chapel erected by 1724. These industrious German farmers saved New Orleans from famine.
Named for O.J. Flagg in 1870; now a part of Hahnville. Letter left here by Tonti in 1686 with Quinipissa chief for LaSalle. Taensa Village, 1713. De Veuve, French Concession, 1718. Site included grant to Joseph Roi de Villere, 1765.
Home of General Richard Taylor, son of Zachary Taylor, Louisiana statesman and member of the 1861 Secession Convention. Commanded Louisiana District, 1862-64; defeated Banks at Battle of Mansfield, 1864. Federals plundered home in 1862.
Built in 1790s, this French Colonial raised cottage is of West Indies bousillage construction. Owners included LaBranche, Fortier, and Gaillaire, with the Keller family ownership since 1885. (Note: A National Historic Landmark and is listed on Nat…