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Marked by the State of Wyoming 1914
1336 miles - Nauvoo, Illinois to the Salt Lake Valley (Second plaque below:) "Whether I live or whether I die all is well, all is well" Elizabeth Rutledge 1806 - 1852
Over this trail, from distant Texas, passed the greatest migration of men and cattle in the history of America. (second plaque at the base:) In Memory of the pioneer cattlemen who passed this way on the Old Texas Trail 1866 to 1897. …
Many emigrants journals and diaries from the 1840s to 1860s mention experiences such as; "nooning," camping for the night, crossing over, or burying a loved one on the banks of Rawhide Creek. Of these experiences, death and disease were …
Between the years 1847 and 1868, most of the approximate 80,000 Mormon Pioneers passed through Fort Laramie. This was the first stop for the vanguard company after leaving Winter Quarters, (near Omaha) Nebraska. In June, 1847, after following a …
Oregon Trail Marked by the State of Wyoming 1914
Sioux Indians massacred 29 Soldiers with their Officer Brevet 2nd Lt. L. Grattan, on Aug. 19, 1854. Site is 1/2 mile north-west. An Indian killed a cow from a Mormon caravan. The detachment of soldiers was sent to receive the offen…
To all Pioneers who passed this way to win and hold the West Trail crossed one mile South