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The 748th Tank Battalion, Medium was activated on 20 August 1942 at Camp Rucker, Alabama. The Rhinos headed for Fort Knox on the 15th of April 1943 for training and on 20 April 1943 were reorganized as a special battalion equipped with CDL spotlig…
Camp BouseSeptember 1943 to March 1944"The Kid Battalion"From Normandy to the Elbe:·Normandy·Northern France·Ardennes·Rhineland·Central Europe
United States ArmyWorld War II1924 - 2002 Whose dedication to the memory of his brothers inarms, who fell in the Battle of the Ardennes, made thishistorical park possible.
He was our drinking buddyWhile on dutyHe drank our beerHe wasFull of good cheerAnd went to the nurses' quarters around the bendAnd came to an untimely end,Of the Colonel, he was unawareThat it would be the crime of all timeIf he ate the nurses' un…
This building was built prior to 1912. The mercantile was known to do business with the A & C and Swansea railroads in 1916. It has been open continuously since that time. Bouse postmaster Cora L. Johnston moved the US Post Office to the store in …
In honored memory of those soldiers of the battalion who trained here at Camp Bouse and gave their lives in combat to preserve the freedom of the United States and to set the Peoples of Europe free. Headquarters CompanyDonald D. Hauger, Harry J…
General George Patton established Camp Bouse in 1943 in the Butler Valley as, the site for training over 5,500 carefully screened and qualified volunteers. These soldiers were trained to use a highly secret weapon called the Canal Defense Light. D…
We bring to a closeWe tried to fineWe must now imposeUnits not found 748th Tank Battalion105th Station Hospital538th Ordnance Company166th Quartermaster629th Quartermaster
Dedicated to the men who gave time in their lives to serve honorably and courageously for our country. We take this moment in time to recognize their achievements which were done with pride and dignity.* * *CampaignsArdennes - Alsace - RhinelandCe…
CampaignsArdennes, Rhineland and Central EuropeThe 739th Tank Battalion was activated in March 1943 at Fort Lewis, Washington. The officers were from various states, the enlisted personnel from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. The battalion parti…