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Six hundred feet to the west of this location stood the original Little Colorado River Bridge. This steel truss bridge designed by the Arizona Highway Department stood at that location for 1928 to 1988. This landmark structure remained intact and …
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service, defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done.
This structure, called Agate House, is a partial reconstruction of an Indian pueblo built here almost ten centuries ago. Indians built dwelling walls like these of petrified wood sealed with mud mortar. Archeologists believe the original eight-roo…
Chief Engineer of the Western Div. of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. Town named by John W. Young contractor for the railroad.24 September 1881
A group of colonists called by Brigham Young, under the leadership of William C. Allen settled here March 24, 1876. They erected a fort of cottonwood logs and mud on this site. It was first known as Allen's Camp. In 1878 the name was changed to St…
Dear Mr. Paul LewisIt is my pleasure to inform you that the Wigwam Village #6 at 811 W. Hopi Dr. in Holbrook was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 2, 2002. As you know, the National Register is the official listing of th…
Navajo County CourthouseIn 1896, the U.S. Congress passed enabling legislation to provide a permanent courthouse at Holbrook. Construction was delayed until Frank A. Zuck donated land in April of 1898. Plans submitted by Phoenix architects D.W. Mi…