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We dedicate the planting of these 100 trees on this date as part of a beautification project in honor of J. Harvey McCarthy, a pioneer in the field of urban planning, who developed Carthay Circle as a cohesive residential community in 1924. That o…
First American to discover a route overland from the east to California.Explorer - Fur Trader - MissionaryThis boulder was brought from El Cajon Pass through which the pathfinder came in 1826. Placed here A.D. 1924 by Ramona Parlor 109, Native Son…
Who for twenty winters carriedthe mail over the mountains to isolated camps, rescuing the lost and giving succorto those in need along the way. Born 1827 Died 1876
This fountain is a Memorial to the Gallant Pioneers of '49 of whom Daniel O. McCarthy, patriot, miner, leader, was an outstanding example.He was born [in] Raleigh, N.C., August 24, 1830.Died Los Angeles, August 13, 1919.Through his newspaper "…
Soldier, explorer and discoverer of the overland route from Sonora, Mexico to California. Leader of the first Spanish settlers who came through San Carlos Pass December 1775 on their way to Monterey.Done for the love of California