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On Sunday, July 16, 1769 Fathers Junipero Serra, Juan Viscaino and Fernando Parron raised and blessed a cross to establish Alta, California's 1st Mission. Relocated from Presidio Hill to this site in August 1774 the Mission was the mother of those…
The Campanario is 46 feet high and holds the Mission bells. The crown-topped bell on the lower right is named Ava Maria Purisima - Immaculate Mary. It weighs 805 pounds and was cast in 1802. A crown-topped bell was usually supplied by the Spanish …
The church is 150 feet long, 35 feet wide and 29 feet high. The church is long and narrow and because the width of the building was determined by the height of the trees available for beams. Windows were built high for protection and to prevent th…
The Oldest Commercial Trailin theWestern United States
This plaque is placed on the 250th anniversary of the birth of California's Apostle Padre Junipero Serra O.F.M., to mark the Southern terminus of El Camino Real as Padre Serra knew it and helped to blaze it. 1713 - November 24 - 1963California …