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Upper Marker: Back in the 1970s, where the mountains reached the river, Metz field was just that, a field. In 1973, a fella by the name Wayne Handley built a runway, a hanger, a chemical loading facility and hauled in a mobile home office to star…
This historical property was placed on the National Register of historic places on June 7, 1974. Please do not damage or in any way deface this property. Violator Will Be Prosecuted US Government Property
Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza by decree of Carlos III of Spain led an expedition near this site - the mission being to colonize the San Francisco Bay Area.
"The mouth of this valley opens into Monterey Bay, like a funnel, and the northwest wind from the Pacific draws up through this heated flue with terrible force. Sometimes the wind would nearly sweep us from our mules - it seemed nothing could stan…
Salinas Valley Cookwagon, c1888Originally owned by Paul Talbot, this cookwagon was used on the Henry Dunphy Ranch, now the Salinas Land Co. The Smart brothers purchased the wagon in the 1930's and used it into the 1940's. Under the direction of To…
La Gloria School was first organized in 1873. The present schoolhouse was built in 1887 and remained in continuous use until 1960. Orginally (sic) located southeast of Gonzales, the schoolhouse was move to San Lorenzo Park in 1980. La Gloria Schoo…
Corregidor derived its name from Corregimiento or "Municipal District". About 1225 the island became a stronghold for Chinese pirates until the latter were driven by the Moros. Became Spanish possession, 1570, when Spaniards arrived in Manila from…
Founded by Father Junipero Serra July 14, 1774. Most picturesque setting. First mass was celebrated in presence of one Indian. Later congregation grew to a thousand neophytes. Famous for its fine horses and expert vaqueros.
In 1849, Antonio Ramirez built a small adobe on the El Camino Real, near the site of the ancient Indian village, Holamna. As a main artery to California's gold fields, the El Camino Real brought many travelers past Ramirez's place. He transformed …
The town of Jolon (pronounced Hōe-Lōne) was established in the 1860s to meet the needs of miners traveling to the Los Burros Mining District on the coast. It later developed into the center of commercial and social activity in southern M…