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Eureka was founded as a town in 1850 and incorporated as a city in 1874. Located on the remote northwestern coast of California, Eureka was the region's major port of entry by water in the 19th century before the construction of good access by lan…
Was consecrated by Bishop Manogue on June 6, 1886 - built by local architect James Simpson under the direction of the pastor, Father John S. Sheridan. It is the second church constructed at this location. Dedicated by the Grand Parlor Nati…
W.H. Crim, S.F. Architect; Bank, drug emporium downstairs; Offices leased by professionals and government agencies upstairs
After finding Humboldt Bay from the sand dunes near Fairhaven on December 20, 1849, the Dr. Josiah Gregg exploring party reached the present site of Eureka. December 26, passing an open area near this point, to camp by an Indian village close to t…
Built in 1884, this building became home of "Columbia Hose Company Number 4", chartered April 2, 1894. It is the oldest surviving structure of the 7 volunteer companies organized in Eureka between 1873 and 1908. Original building had 2 r…
This propertyThe Eureka Innhas been placed on theNational Register of Historic Placesby the United States Department of the Interior
California's first free library was established in Eureka on May 11, 1878 and was situated in this Carnegie Building 1904-1972
The six Victorian era houses "905-935" Third Steet were developed by Samuel McFarland from 1884 to 1904. Mr. McFarland came to Humboldt County from New Brunswick, Canada in 1866 at the invitation of his brother-in-law, William Carson Mr. McFarl…
Richard Sweasey originally financed the construction of this theater which displays his name. Mr. Sweasey was a businessman in the early days of Eureka. Sweasey served as a member of the California State Legislature and several terms as a Humboldt…
This historic building was erected in 1887 by L.T. Kinsey and sold to the Society of Humboldt County Pioneers in 1890. On June 15, 1897 it was purchased by Humboldt Parlor No. 14 N.S.G.W.