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Inwood School was built in the summer of 1905. It was a one room school with one teacher who taught from first grade through the eighth grade. The school was vacant for a few years while a new building was built at Black Butte Road. In 1958 the …
"Traveled 15 miles to Charley's Ranch and camped there. Good water, drove the stock 2 miles to grass, here we heard the first chicken crow, and saw the first hog." - John S.L. Taylor, Sep. 2, 1854
In 1849 Charles Ogburn built a road to this site from Fort Reading. Ogburn's road later became part of the famed Noble Emigrant route. Ogburn built a cabin, planted orchards & later sold to his brother John in 1856. Charlie's Place was popular for…
Left branch of Nobles Trail led southwest to McCumber's Mill on Millseat Creek, right branch led west to Shingletown were the two branches rejoined. Guidebook AvailableTrails West Inc., P.O. Box 12045, Reno, NV 89510
On this site, in 1903, H.H. Noble, President of the Northern California Power Co., built a summer home using native rock from this bluff. The bungalow was destroyed by forest fire in 1917. The nearby forebay lakes serving Volta Power House were na…
In 1852, William H. Nobles located an easier and more direct route to California for gold-seekers and pioneers heading west. Nobles Trail contributed importantly to the development of Northern California and led to additional transportation routes…
Freeland's store was built by John and Jane Freeland in 1854. Jane was registered as a sole trader in 1861, in Sierra Township (Shingletown) in the businesses of stockraising, farming and hotel-keeping, with their sons Bradford and William. The st…