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Postal Mail and Philately

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In the early 1900's Mel & Mary Shearin had a homestead here. Mel ran pack trains and guided visitors to the area in to the wilderness. After this area suffered heavy devastation - the 1915 eruption of Mt. Lassen and the resulting flood and mudslides - Ma…
This road on the rightwas established in 1736 byGen. James Oglethorpe.First postal route south ofSavannah Stage Coach Roadand line of marchof Revolutionary Soldiers. Saint John's Parish ChapterDaughters of the American ColonistsMarch 3, 1950
Prior to the construction of this building in 1915, Sparta's post office was housed in a variety of buildings such as the nearby Masonic Temple. Although the initial federal appropriation for the post office was secured by Congressman John Esch around 1910,…
P.O. First Mail Service - 1849First P.O. Established July 21, 1853Daily Mail Service June 1888P.O. Consolidated Dec. 30, 1919Station A - Here Since Late 1870'sCommunity Project
James A. Brown began operating a store and ferry at this site on rented property in the late 1870's. In 1881 he bought the land from S. P. Gantt at which time the store became a stop on the Richmond and Alleghany Railroad. Two years later, Brown was authori…
Ante-bellum crossroads settlement & Post Office; James Reeve (1792 - 1852) Post Master & merchant. Prior to 1864 the Post Office was removed to a point between Chamblee & Doraville where, name unchanged, it was known as Cross Keys Post Office. To disting…
This road, formerly an Indian trail which paralleled the coast, was used by the Spanish and British. In 1778 it was traveled by Revolutionary soldiers who marched against Fort Tonyn. The first mail service south of Savannah was established over this road in…
In 1868 at Norwood six men along a five mile rural route hired Jerry Parsons, a Negro who could not read, to deliver and collect mail at their homes each day except Sundays and holidays for his food and clothing. The postmaster at Norwood each morning arran…
U.S. Post Office and CourthouseThis building was described as "handsome in every respect" when it opened in 1932. It replaced a 1906 post office and housed a new district court and federal offices. It served as a post office until 1986 and provided offices …
Established in 1880 by the Farley family, the Post stayed in the family for 100 years. It has served as Post Office, General Store and focal point for the Village of Mountainville.
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