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The Overland Trail

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Here US-56 lies directly on the route of the Oregon-California and Santa Fe trails. Nearby, the trails branched. On a rough sign pointing northwest were the words, "Road to Oregon." Another marker directed travelers southwest along the road to Santa Fe. …
In 1857, Newton Ainsworth claimed this land and allowed the trail travelers to continue camping here. A decade later, the railroads began to make their way west and the great overland trails became a part of history. The need for camping at Lone Elm ceased.…
EstablishedAs a Trading Post in 1843U. S. Military PostOn the Overland TrailJune 10, 1858 to October 6, 1890 This monument erected bya few interested residents of theCommunity in the year1914
Historic Frontier Trails cut through the territory now known as Merriam. Hundreds of thousands of people emigrated [sic - immigrated] to the western frontiers along the Oregon and California Trails. The Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails all shared a ro…
The area near the Wagonhound Rest Area has played an important role in western transportation since the earliest days of human activity in the Rock Mountain west. The area has provided Wyoming's earliest inhabitants, explorers, westbound settlers, and moder…
Due North 1235 Feet is the Original Site of Old Julesburg, named for Jules Beni, whose trading post was established at the "Upper Crossing" of the Platte prior to 1860, junction of Oregon and Overland Trails.Pony Express Station, 1860-61.Overland Stage Stat…
This marker on theOverland Trail.Platte River crossingnine miles west1861 to 1868
The Overland StageStation RouteOperated1861 — 1868Green River DivisionStation Site350 Yards East Erected ByThe Historical LandmarkCommission of Wyoming1952
?????At the beginning of the Civil War military strength in the West declined and often it was impossible to safeguard stages carrying the United States mail along the Oregon-California-Mormon Trail. Early in 1862 "Stagecoach King" Ben Holladay acquired the…
Ruins OfAlmond Overland StageStation, 1862-8Located Beyond RailroadTracks 1640 Feet ToSouthward Of This Marker