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Utah: Kanab, Utah "Walk of Fame"

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Before becoming a motion picture star Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier of World War II winning the Congressional Medal of Honor and 12 other citations. Audie liked Southern Utah and filmed "Six Black Horses", "Bullet For a Badman" and "Gunpoint" …
Actor Ben Cooper is known world wide for his appearances in such films as "Johnny Guitar", "The Last Command", and "Arizona Raiders," An expert horseman and fast draw artist, Ben also worked in Kanab on "Death Valley Days" and is still active today.
Academy award winning director and actor Clint Eastwood rose to prominence as the star of the "Rawhide" T.V. series on C.B.S. Television. Clint's so called Spaghetti Westerns elevated him to major stardom and such films as "Hang Em High", "Dirty Harry", "Hi…
Kanab Films:Greatest Story Ever Told "1964"Ride The Whirlwind "1965"Duel At Diablo "1966"The Plainsman "1966"Rough Night In Jericho "1967"The Long Ride Home "1967"Makenna's Gold "1968"One Little Indian "1971"Outlaw Josey Wales "1976" T.V. Series:Daniel B…
One of Hollywood's top character actors and one of the screen's most beloved sidekicks was George "Gabby" Hayes. His career spanned more than 50 years starting in silent films as a heavy and continuing as a gruff but loveable pal to such cowboy stars as Roy…
Movie making around Kanab, UtahWardrums 1957Fort Bowie 1958Gunsmoke 1960How The West Was Won 1976
Actor Joel McCrea made more films in Kanab than any other major star. "Union Pacific" in 1939, "Buffalo Bill" in 1944, "Ramrod" in 1947, "The Outsiders" in 1950 and "Trooper Hook" in 1957. Mr. McCrea was considered one of Hollywood's best riders and along w…
Rugged and handsome actor, Denny Miller's many film and television credits include "Gunsmoke", "Murder She Wrote", "Bordertown", "The Party" and "Young Maverick". Denny came to Kanab as co-star of the hit T.V. series "Wagon Train" produced for A.B.C. Televi…
The Virginia gentleman, Randolph Scott had a 50 year career in motion pictures. He starred in comedies, war films, mysteries and his most popular genre, westerns. Mr. Scott made two of his best westerns here in Kanab when he starred in "Western Union" in 19…
Films made in Kanab Wagon TrainRin-Tin-TinDeath Valley DaysDonner PassLaramie