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The Spirit of 76, America's Bicentennial Celebration

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Dedicated as a Bicentennial Tribute to the men and women of Polk County who have perpetuated two hundred years of freedom by serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during times of war and national emergency.
This oak tree has been planted by the people of Worthington to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and to reaffirm its principlesJuly 4, 1976
In Honor ofThe Men and Womenof the Town of ChesterWho Served Their Country1917 - In The World War - 1919[Column 1:]Charles Babcock, Jr.; John E. Bailey; George W. Bartow; William D. Bartow; Anthony S. Becker; Clarence L. Board; Mary S. Board; Clarence G. Br…
[Panel 1]:On and near this site since 1718 has centered the military activities of both regular and citizen soldiers of France, Spain, the Confederacy and the United States. On either side were the redoubts forming the "Great Battery" which crisscrossed its…
James Johnston, a forty-niner from Ohio, established a homestead on this wild, romantic vista of sloping fields and ocean shore in 1853. For his Californiano bride, Petra Maria de Jara, he built this typical eastern saltbox, whose origins from the American …
This 1933 courthouse, inspired by Independence Hall, contains restored courtroom and office of former Presiding Judge Harry S. Truman. Often remodeled, this building rests upon a foundation laid in 1828. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Near this site, one of our country'sfirst ferries was operated fromcirca 1695 to late 19th century. During Revolutionary times, it wasused by Washington and his troops. This area was called "Dunks Ferry"before Beverly, N.J. was founded. Dedicated S…
Construction of this historic church was started in 1887. Completion was delayed until 1889 due to a yellow fever epidemic which claimed the lives of the pastor and many members of the congregation. Used to house the first Christian congregation south of Ta…
About 150 feet North of this Park was the old boat landing. Boat transportation from the earliest years of this area until the 1870's was the main source of commercial transportation. The first steamboat to come up the Minnesota River was the "Anthony…
1855 - First settlers were Jacob Harmon, Mr. Haresine, John Sidel, Jacob Gfeller, & Ole Nelson - Most of the early settlers came from Germany.1856 - Village of Red Stone, near the ferry, was surveyed but never developed.1856 - Hilo post office established i…