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Illinois: Lincoln Home National Historic Site

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Lincoln understood the importance of making his image available for the presidential campaign. Springfield photographer Preston Butler captured several likenesses of Lincoln during the 1860 election.Lower Left Ambrotype of Abraham Lincoln, 1860 by Preston B…
This was the residence of Lincoln's friend, Charles Corneau, a Springfield druggist. Historic records show that the Lincoln family purchased such items as "Cough Candy," "Castor Oil," and "Hair Balsam" at the Corneau and Diller drugstore. Like Lincoln, Corn…
Mrs. Sprigg, a widow, purchased this house in 1853 and used it as a residence for herself and her children until 1869.She became close friends with her neighbor, Mrs. Lincoln; Mrs. Sprigg's daughter often babysat for the younger Lincoln boys.
Mary Lincoln formed lasting friendships with women in her neighborhood, including Julia Sprigg and Hanna Shearer, and exchanged a lively correspondence with many out-of-town relatives and friends.Julia Sprigg lived in the house behind you and was a widow wi…
Allen and Clarissa Miller had their house built shortly after purchasing this double lot in 1855 for $650. They and their three young children shared the house with Clarissa's brother, James Keys, and his wife. At the time, Miller was a prosperous leather d…
Just Imagine! On August 8, 1860, an exuberant political rally parade passed by the Lincoln home, including:180 train cars of Lincoln supporters28 oxen pulling a mammoth wagon21 Wide Awake Clubs (groups of young pro-Lincoln men)10 decorated caravans of ladie…
This was the home of Jesse K. Dubois and his family from 1859 to 1864. Dubois was the Illinois State Auditor, a close friend of Abraham Lincoln and his most important political ally in this neighborhood. One of the Dubois sons was named after Lincoln.
In 1860, this house was rented to young lawyer George Shutt and his family. Unlike most of Lincoln's politically active neighbors, Shutt supported Stephen A. Douglas in his campaign against Lincoln for the Presidency in 1860.
Lincoln Home National Historic Site is part of the National Park System, one of more than 390 parks that are important examples of our nation's heritage. This unit of the National Park Service preserves the home of the nation's 16th president, Abraham Linco…
Allen, a gunsmith, owned and lived in a house on this property during the 1850's and '60's.His barn is the only outbuilding from the Lincoln period that still exists in the Historic Site. Many of Lincoln's neighbors kept livestock in barns such as this.