Historical Marker Series

Kentucky: Kentucky Historical Society

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F. M. Jones and Bro. General Store. . In 1855, John and Francis Marion Jones formed a partnership for selling goods at Myers Steam Mill on Beaver Creek in Barren County. A petition for a post office was granted in 1856 & name changed from Myers Mill to Cora…
Henry Clay Morrison, also, Morrison Park. (1857~1942). Henry Clay Morrison. Famed Methodist preacher & pioneer of the Holiness movement. He came to Barren Co. at age 2 & was raised by his grandparents near here. He became one of nation's premiere evangelis…
Settles Rifles. . Prized by frontiersmen, now rare collectors' items; they were made by three Settle generations in Barren County. Starting in 1800, William made flintlocks at Rocky Hill. A son, Felix, had shops in Glasgow, Roseville. Felix's sons, Simon an…
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