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United Daughters of the Confederacy

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May 12 - 18, 1864, between the armies of Lee and Grant is unmatched for its display of unyielding heroism and devotion to duty and principle. Here thousands of valorous men, fighting with bayonets and clubbed muskets, wrote their imperishable epitaph.
Erectedin honor ofRobert E. LeebyWilliam Watts ChapterRoanoke, VASouthern Cross ChapterSalem, VARoanoke ChapterRoanoke, VAThe United Daughtersof the Confederacy1928
Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Skirmish at Hanging RockJune 21, 1864Erected by the William Watts Chapter, U. D. C.June 21, 1964
(Front):1861? ? ? C.S.A.? ? ? 1865Erected by Southern Cross ChapterU.D.C.May 30, 1935(Front):Unmarked GravesThese men of the 17th Virginia Cavalry died during the 1863 and 1864 "winter camps" in the Salem area.Their bodies may lie here in unmarked graves.Ch…
This Memorial Commemorates the act of Lieutenant Christopher Hussey Of the Montgomery Guards and Private John Latham of the Washington Volunteers, the first volunteer regiment of the State of Georgia. While under fire during the bombardment of April 11,1862…
Here on June 5, 1864, was fought the Battle of Piedmont for the possession of Staunton. Union Forces under Gen. David Hunter 12,015 men and suffered a loss of 130 killed and 650 wounded. Confederate forces numbering 5,600 men under Gen. W.E.Jones defeate…
Federals in action 4000, killed and wounded 256.Confederates in action 2500, killed and wounded 498. Confederate Officers KilledCaptains ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? LieutentantsSamuel Dawson ? ? ? ? ? John K. GoldwireWilliam L. Furlow ? ? ? ? ? William A. Massey…
This marks the terminal of the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Highway. Erected by Dixie Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy, St. Petersburg, Fla. Jan. 22, 1939.
December 13, 1862 the Confederates under Lee defeated the Federals under Burnside in a sanguinary conflict marked by extraordinary bravery on both sides. In a series of gallant charges the Federal army sustained heavy losses and Burnside was forced to recro…
Built by Nathaniel Gordon, 1787. Visited by Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Philip and James Barbour, Clark, Rives, Randolph, Wirt, Waddell, and other celebrities of Revolutionary, post-Revolutionary, and Confederate War periods. Lafayette made and …
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