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celebrated the Eucharist beneath this canopy in Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ before an assembly of 90,000 people on October 5, 1995.
The Gadsden Purchase celebration held at Mesilla New Mexico in 1854.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? By A. J. Fountain Sr.
WithAdmiral Robert PearyApril 6, 1909 Born:August 8, 1866 - Died: March 9, 1955 Son of MarylandExemplification of courage, fortitude and patriotism, whose valiant deeds of noble devotion under the command of admiral Robert Edwin Peary, in pioneer arct…
Site ofMonmouth Court HouseUsed as HospitalJune 28, 1778.
Dedicated to all Marines who served our Nation as members of seagoing Marine detachments aboard naval shipsFrom Sea to Shining SeaSemper Fidelis
The Legacy and Heritage ofSecond Battalion, 4th MarinesSecond to NoneThe Magnificent BastardsSmall Wars · Soldiers from the Sea · Old China Marines · World War II · Cold War Force in Readiness · Vietnam · Desert Shi…
This building is dedicated toCarey M. Perkinsonfor his years of serviceto theDumfries-Triangle Vol. Fire Dept.& Auxiliaryand theDumfries-Triangle Rescue SquadAugust 1993
[Front of Monument (Bronze Relief)]:? Capture of the Macedonian ?? The American Frigate United States ?Commodore Stephen Decatur, cruising between the Azores and Cape Verde Islands on October 25, 1812, was sighted by the British frigate? Macedonian ?Captain…
Elizabeth celebrates Washington's Inaugural Bicentennial George Washington journeyed to "Elizabethtown" - met with a committee of Continental Congress in Boxwood Hall - Sailed from Elizabethport - April 23, 1789 (Back of Marker) "Elizabeth celebrates …
Established A.D. 1917 for use in connection with the port of embarkation at Hoboken New Jersey. Named in honor of Major-General Wesley Merritt Continously in service of his country July 1, 1855 to June 16, 1900
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